Arkansas State University Names First Black Woman Drum Major

Photo: Getty Images

Arkansas State University has named its first Black woman drum major.

According to KAIT, Alandria Maddox made history as the first Black woman drum major of Arkansas State University's Sound of the Natural State Marching Band.

“And people were like are ‘you the first African American woman?’ And I was like ‘yeah.’ So they was like ‘you are a history major and you’re making history,’ and I was like yeah,” Maddox said.

Maddox said her history-making achievement won't define her time as drum major.

“Me being a first it wasn’t something that I was seeking to be, it’s something that came about,” she said.

The Arkansas State University student started playing clarinet in middle school and went on to become a drum major at Jonesboro High School.

“After my seventh grade year I wanted to quit, Maddox said. “I played clarinet and he called my mom and he said this girl can not leave the band she has so much potential, she’s amazing, so after that, I was like I’ll give it a chance.”

Maddox said she wants to encourage her fellow members to stay positive during long and arduous practices.

“I love just being with them and encouraging them and we are having a good time. I think that is the best part about it,” Maddox said.

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